Wizard World NOLA: Civil War Panel

Welcome to part 3 of my Wizard World nerd-venture! I typically love to attend panels in the hopes of discovering new things, I sadly could not attend as many panels as I would’ve liked due to photo/autograph lines. That’s a champagne problem to have at a con, I know. However, I was glad I was able to make it to the Civil War panel. We all knew Saturday was going to be a particularly busy day and  this is how the morning began…


Panel line! This is not an atypical sight when at a convention, mind you these are only the “VIP” lines. The panel hall at the convention center is nice. I wouldn’t say there’s bad seating really even if you end up far from the stage. There is really an issue of someone blocking your view due to the tiered seating.


Here’s a few gems from the panel which was moderated by the Russo brothers!

  • Joe Russo doesn’t think we (the marvelites) are prepared for what will happen in Civil War. “We believe in emotional highs and low lows…Civil War is our Empire Strikes Back.” Nervous? No, not me. :/
  • “The Marvel Universe is about to be ripped apart!” was met with gasps and nervous laughs.
  • Chris Evans acknowledged the toughest and most important part of working on Civil War is “making the fans happy.” Sweet!
  • Jeremy Renner didn’t give anything away, but intrigued stating he was happy about where the Russos have taken Hawkeye. Again, nervous? No, not me.
  • The Russos made Frank Grillo do a minor strip tease to show off his super fit physique. He’s currently working on a show that requires said fitness. (wolf whistles)  

  • Frank went on to say he didn’t think Crossbones has a moral dilemma about his mission, and he has a kick ass costume.
  • Anthony Mackie is upset about Bucky butting into the Fal-tain or is it CapCon bromance. He’s “trying to get between us, trying to break up me and Cap’s hand jive.” lol!

  • Hayley Atwell acknowledged how difficult it was being the only lady on the panel. (sarcasm and sass) 😉
  • When asked if Peggy loved Steve pre super soldier serum, Hayley said of course! Although, “him emerging from his little pod all glistening and delicious” helped. 😉

  • Joe Russo played sorting hat when a Potter asked for the cast’s houses… Joe did a great job!
    Mackie: Hufflepuff    Grillo: Slytherin   Hayley: Gryffindor     Jeremy: Ravenclaw    Chris: Gryffindor
  • Civil War’s shift will lead to what we can expect from Infinity Wars. D:
  • When asked what other Marvel character would make a great ally, Chris mentioned Wolverine and Johnny Storm, Mackie said he’d just like to hang out with She-Thor and Hayley would like Peggy to interact with Black Widow! YAAASSSS!
  • Chris Evans accidentally said “asshole,” prompting dozens of nerds to yell ‘Language!’ at him. Oh I love you nerds!
  • A particular highlight…

The panel was pretty epic and it left us with a lot of questions and jitters for Civil War.
Want additional information? Please see Nerd Fu’s reports on the Civil War and Bruce Campbell panels!

Cover photo includes photos taken by Laura @nerdfitter.

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