Top Nerdy Ten: Live Action Disney

If you haven’t seen the new Live Action Disney Remake of Beauty and the Beast by now…I’m so sorry. In all seriousness you should go see it. This certainly wasn’t the first Live Action Disney Remake and it won’t be the last either. Today I’m gonna talk about my Top Nerdy Ten: Upcoming Live Action Disney Remake Edition!

10 Mulan

We have yet to find out any casting information on this Live Action Disney Remake. I have a few casting choices I’d like to see, the top of my list for Mulan being Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist). There is still no certainty as to whether or not this will be a musical. For a while now we’ve been hearing that it would not, while other sources claim that it’s still a possibility. With there only being four songs in the animated version, the live action version could easily be a musical without having to be too large of a musical production. Or who knows, they could go the route of BATB and have a few new songs written in! A musical nerd can dream, right?

Live Action Disney Remake

9 The Lion King

Jon Favreau did an amazing job bringing The Jungle Book to life. I can only imagine what he will do with The Lion King. As of right now we know that James Earl Jones is going to reprise his role as Mufasa. We also have Donald Glover cast to play Simba (I’m assuming adult Simba?). I really hope that Jeremy Irons will return for his role as Scar. Oh and Nathan Lane is only right as Timon. I wonder which of the iconic songs from the animated film will be included in this one. Back on the subject of voice actors, while the nostalgic side of me wishes the whole original voice cast could return that is not always possible. I am open to the idea of new voices as long as they capture the heart and soul of the animated characters we all know and love.

Live Action Disney Remake

8 Aladdin

Aladdin is definitely up there in my top five Disney movies of all time. Though no one could ever think of anyone else but Robin Williams portraying Genie, we know that someone has to do it. Dan Castellaneta did a really good job taking over the role for Return of Jafar as well as the Aladdin television series. However, we are looking for more than just the voice the voice here. I love the casting choices for Jasmine and Aladdin shown on Once Upon a Time, so it’s going to be hard to top those for me. Once again, I’m hoping for an all-out musical and a copious amount of stunning visual effects for this one.

Live Action Disney Remake

7 Christopher Robin

This film reportedly takes places during Christopher Robin’s adult years in which he has outgrown the need for his toy friends and the Hundred Acre Wood. So we’re very likely going to get some Toy Story 3 type feels here. Apparently, the script is undergoing some rewriting by Tom McCarthy (Up co-writer) so the feels have been doubled! I personally hope that they choose to use the classic Winnie the Pooh style in some way for this film.

Live Action Disney Remake

6 Cruella

I was definitely a fan of the 101 Dalmatians Live adaptation which starred Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil. Though there’s no release date slated yet for this Live Action Disney Remake, we do have Emma Stone reportedly attached to play the titular character. Unfortunately that’s about all we know at the moment. Is this going to be a prequel? Are they going the Maleficent route? I’d be okay with that! In fact, let’s get an Ursula movie and an Evil Queen movie in the works as well. Please, and thank you!

Live Action Disney

5 Tink

We have seen a number of different Peter Pan live action adaptations, but this film is slated to focus around Tinkerbell. At the moment Reese Witherspoon is reportedly cast to play Tink. I think I am okay with this but I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a younger actress play her. I have been a fan of all of the Tinkerbell movies, which says a lot as I am usually not a fan of Disney sequels and spinoffs. I hope that they also bring the rest of the main fairies from Pixie Hollow to life in this Live Action Disney Remake.

Live Action Disney

4 The Little Mermaid

Give me all the Lin! Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda are writing songs together…clearly only magic can come of this. Finding the perfect Ariel is going to be just as crucial to this film as finding Belle was for Beauty and the Beast. The one criticism that many people had about Emma Watson’s performance as Belle was that they didn’t feel her singing voice was strong enough and was therefore over processed by auto tune. While I happen to think Emma did a lovely job singing, I do feel that whoever is cast to play Ariel needs to not only have those signature red locks, but also a very strong singing voice. After all her voice is one of the things she is most well-known for. In fact I’m almost nervous to see who they cast, as silly as that may sound.

Live Action Disney

3 The Sword in the Stone

Bryan Cogman of Game of Thrones is reportedly writing this Live Action Disney Remake. I’m sure we won’t have to worry about the violence and nudity we see in GoT in this film! However, it does feel right to have someone who is accustomed to writing in a similar world. Who knows how closely they intend to follow the animated film. I am hoping that they do have Archimedes speak, and I really hope to see that iconic battle between Merlin and Mim.

Live Action Disney

2 Dumbo

Tim Burton is directing this Live Action Disney Remake. So far the only casting we know is Eva Green and Danny DeVito. I do hope to see something similar to the way in which The Jungle Book was adapted.  I don’t really know what else to say about this movie aside from I hope they do it well. Making an elephant look like it could fly is not going to be an easy feat. It is reportedly going to revolve mostly around the circus. As long as we get to hear Baby Mine at some point, and we are not overly saturated with clowns, I am open to this remake.

Live Action DIsney

1 Pinocchio

Apparently this was my favorite movie as a small child. My mom would have it on most of the day on repeat for me (back in the days when we had to rewind our VHS tapes kiddos!). This could definitely be a fun remake. I am worried though that the happenings of Pleasure Island may end up looking pretty creepy for kids on the big screen, but we shall see!

Live Action DIsney

There are several other classic Disney animated films that have yet to be remade into live action movies. I have a few in mind that I’d love to see. Which ones are you looking forward to? Any that have not been mentioned that you’d like to see? Let us know! Also, if you haven’t already please check out Roni’s gush post devoted to Dan Stevens as well as our review of Beauty and the Beast on Nerds R Us.

Stay Nerdy!


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  1. How about ScarJo as Mulan? Too soon?

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