Top Nerdy 10: Horror Musicals

I love horror movies and I love musicals, so I thought why not count down my Top Nerdy Ten Horror Musicals? Do keep in mind some of these have a bit of gore but it’s all in spooky fun! Some of these have been adapted in movies, television, or are still only available on the stage. So grab some popcorn and your favorite wig and let’s sing along with some horror musicals!

TNT Horror Musicals

Nightmare Before Christmas

I mean come on, I couldn’t leave my favorite movie off the list! The characters, the songs, the story! I remember seeing this movie in the theater 25 years ago. ICYMI check out my Nightmare Before Christmas Fashion Nerdcessities post, as well as Jen’s Nerdie Foodie celebrating Nightmare Before Christmas as well as Hocus Pocus!

Rocky Horror Picture Show

In all honesty, I enjoy the music from this show a lot more than the movie itself. But still, this is a Halloween classic due to its spooky nature. Just you try to not do the Time Warp!

Little Shop of Horrors

Real talk, Rick Moranis was my first nerd crush as a wee nerd. First it was Ghost Busters and Honey I shrunk the Kids. But when I heard him sing as Seymour, I was absolutely smitten. This is such a great show. The original stage ending was changed for the movie adaptation and I actually like it that way.

Phantom of the Opera

I wouldn’t actually consider this to be “horror” if it weren’t for the fact that the Phantom does get a bit murder-y. Emmy Rossum’s performance in this movie is just stellar.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling

I could not leave this musical episode off of my list! A demon visits Sunnydale and casts a spell that makes its residents start singing and dancing, revealing secrets along the way. I wish Sweet would visit my town…

Young Frankenstein

If you are a fan of Mel Brooks’ humor, chances are you’ll love this musical! It’s kind of like mixing the movie that the musical is based off of with The Producers. Roll in the Hay is probably one of my favorite songs from the show because it is hilarious.

Sweeney Todd

What do you do when you have a body to get rid of and the meat pie business is not doing so well? Watch to find out! The music in this show is really catchy and fun and the look of this movie is very Tim Burton and it just works so well.

The Evil Dead

I’ll admit, listening to the soundtrack to this musical by itself didn’t really do it for me. But when I actually watched a recording of the show, the music took on a new life for me. You can find a full rip of the original VHS release of the live show but I am a fan of the 2017 show cast.


Matt Stone and Trey Parker are behind this campy, raunchy musical. Think Troma type special effects mixed with South Park-esque music. That is Canibal the Musical.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

I’ve saved the goriest horror musical for last. This musical takes place in a future world in which people can buy replacement body parts, but if they don’t make their payments the Repo man will come to get them back. Anthony Stewart Head and Alexa Vega star in this gory yet beautiful Rock Opera. I HIGHLY recommend it if you can get past the gory parts.

Since we’re on the subject of horror musicals, I’m pretty interested in checking out this one when it comes out! Check out the trailer for Anna and the Apocalypse!

Which horror musical is your favorite? Are there any I missed that you’d recommend? Let us know!

Stay Nerdy!


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