Top Nerdy 10: Grad Caps Edition

Ah it’s once again graduation season. A time to reflect on one’s educational journey but also look forward to the endless possibilities of the future ahead. And what better way to celebrate than putting on a nerdified grad cap. Here are some of our favourites!

1. For the superheros of tomorrow.

top nerdy ten grad caps avengers

Photo credits: beforetheshipgoesdown

2. If only we got a TARDIS for our grad gift.

top nerdy ten grad caps doctor who

Photo credits: nevercouldresist

3. This cap just got too real.


Photo source: strachbylightning

4. Go chase that new dream.

top nerdy ten grad caps rapunzel

Photo credits: brock-samson

5. Don’t throw away your shot.

top nerdy ten grad caps hamilton

Photo credits: monicaloveskhalifa

6. Perspective.


Photo credits: galaxyclusterfuck

7. Time to catch that well earned diploma.

top nerdy ten grad caps pokemon

Photo credits: heartscale

8. All’s well.

top nerdy ten grad caps harry potter

Photo credits: jns71690

9. The force is strong with this graduate.

top nerdy ten grad caps star wars

Photo credits: lookitscait

10. Amen.


Photo credits: Michelle B

Congrats to the class of 2016!

top nerdy ten grad caps nerds

Photo credits: dumbasiankid


‘Til next time,


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