Top Nerdy Ten: Favorite Dean GIFs

Raise your hand if you’re excited that Supernatural is back! *Over-eagerly raises both hands* Did I forget to mention that tomorrow is also Dean Winchester’s birthday? In case you haven’t noticed there are a lot of Dean GIFs that are just absolute gems, so in honor of the Squirrel’s birthday I’m counting down my top favorite Dean GIFs!

Favorite Dean GIFs

1. Dean Eating

If there’s one thing we often see Dean doing on the show, it’s eating. When he eats, he doesn’t just eat. He devours whatever he’s eating as if it’s the last thing he’ll ever eat. It’s no wonder Crowley dubbed him squirrel, the amount of food he can pack into those cheeks!

2. I’m Gonna Throw Up

You can use this gif for so many situations in a conversation. Dean is just a bonus.

3. Crazy People

Another Dean moment that can easily be applied to the strange things people do in our everyday lives.

4. Scooby Doo

There were a lot of fun moments in this episode, but I just love the thirsty eyes Dean is giving Daphne in this gif.

Dean GIFs

5. Pie

I too have a pie fondness. Pie is far superior to cake and don’t you dare tell me any different!

6. Blow Me, Cas

They have a very…complicated relationship sometimes.

Dean GIFs

7. Bitch/Jerk

Tis a classic that all Supernatural fans should know and apply accordingly.

8. Yellow Fever

This one is one of my absolute favorite Dean moments of all time so I just had to include two gifs for this one.

Dean GIFsDean GIFs

9. Pudding!

I just don’t have any words……

10. Faces of Winchester

And here I shall leave you with some goofy J2 faces

So there you have it, Curious Crowd. Feel free to apply any or all of these gifs to your daily life as needed. Are there any Dean gifs that you love? Share them with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter!

Stay Nerdy!




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