Top Nerdy Ten: Dragon Appreciation Edition

As you may or may not know, January 16th was Dragon Appreciation Day! But we here at NC felt that one day was not long enough to show appreciation for our favorite dragons. So we are celebrating Dragon Appreciation Week! Stick around for my Top Nerdy Ten countdown of my favorite dragons. Reader beware, there may be SPOILERS ahead!

Dragon Appreciation: Jams’ Favorite Dragons

Spike: My Little Pony

In the world of Equestria, dragons tend to be selfish. Spike has his moments but all in all he’s a very loyal baby dragon who cares deeply for his friends and will do anything for them. In one episode he befriended a changeling and had to convince his friends that Thorax is not like the other changelings, and that maybe if they gave them a chance they would see that they’re not as bad as they originally thought.

Drogon: Game of Thrones

You don’t wanna mess with his Mother. Drogon, though intimidating, will always protect Dany. Though I love all three of the dragons, there’s a special place in my heart every time I see Daenerys riding on Drogon’s back. They make each other stronger.

Draco: Dragon Heart

The story of a dragon giving a piece of himself to a human he despises and then later befriending a human named BOwen who he ultimately sacrifices himself for is one of my favorites. I’ve never watched any of the sequels but I can’t imagine that they’d even compare to the original. Sean Connery’s voice acting is merely a bonus. Draco is such a fun, lovable beast.

Elliott: Pete’s Dragon

“He has the head of a camel, the neck of a crocodile. It sounds rather strange, he’s both a fish and a mammal and I hope he’ll never change.” So go the words to the song “It’s Not Easy from the original 1977 Pete’s Dragon. Elliott was my first dragon as a kid (aside from the original version of My Little Pony’s Spike). He’s so playful and goofy, and protective of Pete.

Charizard: Pokemon

Ash had no problem befriending Charmander, but took it really hard when he evolved into Charmeleon and he wasn’t quite the same. It really took time for them to bond and grow closer. By the time he evolved into Charizard, it was very clear how much Ash and Charizard connected.

Falkor: The Neverending Story

It’s not every day you see a fluffy dragon! Falkor is a luck dragon from the world of Fantasia. When things are looking bleak for Atreyu Falkor saves the day and helps him to mend his wounds, as well as his heart. Without Falkor, I don’t know if Atreyu would’ve had the heart to continue on his quest to save Fantasia.

Spyro: Spyro Video Game Series

This spunky little purple dragon has been around since the days of the original PlayStation console. He continues on as one of the most popular characters in the early Skylanders days. My personal favorite was Spyro: Ripto’s Rage! This scene is from the Skylanders Academy series. Spyro has grown up a bit since his early PlaySTation days.

Mushu: Mulan

Mushu’s intentions in the beginning are purely selfish, there’s no doubt. But along the way he really cares about helping Mulan, not just so he can finally become one of the family guardians. Not to mention the comic relief he offers throughout the journey.

Toothless: How to Train Your Dragon

I never thought that a dragon could be SO CUTE! Not only is he one of the rarest breed of dragons but his intelligence is beyond compare. Though Hiccup was supposed to kill Toothless when he first saw him, he released him. They sensed something good in each other. Toothless becomes quite protective and loyal to Hiccup and shows a lot of emotion in his facial expression.

Igneel: Fairy Tail

Throughout the Fairy Tail series, Natsu has always wanted desperately to find out what happened to Igneel. Igneel was the dragon who raised him and therefore became his Dad.


When Natsu finds out that Igneel has been inside of him the whole time waiting until the day he could be released when Natsu needed his help, it’s so bittersweet to see Natsu just barely have him back just in time to have to say goodbye again.

Did your favorite dragon make the list? Who are your favorites? Be sure to check out our Instagram photo a day for the week, and Jen’s Nerdie Foodie with some mystical dragon recipes!

Stay Nerdy!


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