Top Nerdy 10: Unsolved Murders

For Torture Week here at NC, I’ve decided to countdown some of the most gruesome unsolved murders. Probably best not to reveal my recent search history. Trust me.

Warning: the following contains some pretty horrific details. Proceed at your own discretion.

1. Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia)

Photo source: TIME

Photo source: TIME

One of the most infamous unsolved mysteries to date. The victim, Elizabeth Short, was found “cut in half at the waist and drained of blood” in 1947. Although the case was much publicized and many people were considered suspects, no charges were filed. More details here.

2. Barbara and Patricia Grimes


Sisters, Barbara and Patricia, were last seen heading to the movie theatre late December 1956 and never came home. Their bodies were found a month later, severely beaten. Due to the lack of evidence, no arrests were made. More details here.

3. Dorothy Jane Scott

Photo source:

Photo source: The Lineup

Prior to Dorothy Scott’s murder in 1980, she was harassed by an anonymous caller who was stalking and threatening her. After her car was left abandoned and burned, Dorothy’s family began receiving mysterious phone calls from someone claiming they had killed Dorothy. When her body was finally found months later, the same caller imparted one final chilling message: “Is Dorothy home?” More details here.

4. Mary Cecilia Rogers

Mary Rogers’ (also known as the “Beautiful Cigar Girl”) body was found beaten and dumped in the Hudson River in 1841. There had been theories that her death was gang related or perhaps was the result of a botched abortion, but the police dismissed those claims. More details here.

5. The Boy in the Box


The body of a young boy was found wrapped in a blanket and left in a cardboard box in 1957. Despite having his photo circulated by the Philadelphia Police Department, the boy has never been identified. More details here.

6. Rose Harsent


Rose Harsent was stabbed multiple times and had her throat slit. She was six months pregnant at the time of her murder. The alledged father of her unborn baby was arrested and tried twice for her murder but was acquitted. More details here.

7. Betsy Aardsma


Betsy Aardsma was studying in the basement of the Penn State library when she was stabbed from behind. Students that found her body mistakenly thought she had either fainted or had a seizure. Thousands of men were questioned but no charges were ever laid. More details here.

8. Dr. Mary Sherman


In 1964, Mary Sherman’s body was found burnt with multiple stab wounds, a fatal one to the heart. The investigation opened up by the New Orleans Police Department lasted five years and her murder remains unsolved. More details here.

9. Emily Armstrong

Emily was struck in the head at least twenty two times with what could have been a claw hammer on a quiet London street. Not much else is known as there were very few suspects and not enough evidence to press charges. More details here.

10. Andrew and Abby Borden

This is quite possibly the most fascinating and well-known unresolved murder case. Although there was damning evidence that Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie, was culpable of the brutal deaths of her father and step-mother, she was acquitted. For fans of the macabre, tourists can book reservations at the house where the infamous murders took place. More info here.

And that’s a wrap. I for one will be sleeping with my nightlight plugged in tonight 🙂 Have a deliciously spooky but safe Halloween!

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