Top Nerdy 10: LEGO Stop Motion Video Edition

Greetings nerds and nerdettes, welcome to another, Top Nerdy Ten! Woo! I think I’m going to invest in an epic applause sign. Maybe I can make one out of LEGO…

Speaking of LEGO (apologies for my lame attempt at a transition), this week, we are shining a well-deserved spotlight on Brotherhood Workshop. If you are unfamiliar with BW, you are in for a treat. The talented LEGO aficionados of Brotherhood build, film, and animate some of the coolest stop motion shorts on YouTube. Their work is not only visually stunning, but their dialogue is incredibly witty and they play in the realm of all things nerdy. Win-win-win! Here is my Top Nerdy 10 favourite Brotherhood Workshop shorts.

10. Lord of the Rings: Orcs

All they wanted was an autograph.

9. Jurassic World: Little Arms, Big Feet

And that kids, is how football was invented.

8. Always Shoot First

Sound life advice if you happen to find yourself in alternate universes.

7. Luke Meets Anakin

When there are unwanted ghosts involved, who ya gonna call? Spoiler alert.

6. Harry Potter: How to Kill a Dementor

Well played, Mr. Potter.

5. “No One Understands”

It’s another “I Need Subtitles” Anonymous meeting.

4. A Hero’s Reward

Too soon, still too soon.

3. Voldemort Goes Wand Shopping

Voldemort is very particular about what you call him but that doesn’t seem to matter to the most powerful wizard in the world.


An epic YouTube crossover. Why Batman doesn’t have a recording contract, I will never know.

1. A Day in the Life at LEGO Jurassic World

Safety violations much? Never a dull moment in Jurassic World 😉


This isn’t the first time a Brotherhood Workshop video made its way onto a TNT. Their music video collaboration with a cappella band, Home Free, is featured in our Top Nerdy 10 Nerdy Music Videos. So be sure to check that out and while you’re doing that you can enjoy more shiny LEGO videos on the Brotherhood Workshop’s YouTube channel!

‘Til next time,
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