Top Nerdy 10: Robin Williams Edition

The trailer for Boulevard was released recently and it has been difficult to process that this will be the final film starring Robin Williams.

Robin played a significant role in my childhood, as I’m sure in a lot of yours as well. He wasn’t simply a comedian. He was charismatic, intelligent, generous, and had an incredibly kind heart. In honour of his larger than life presence on screen, here is my Top Nerdy 10 characters Robin gifted to the world.

10. Alan Parrish —Jumanji

I distinctly remember seeing this film in the theatres and being thoroughly frightened. It took me a while to play any board games afterwards.

9. Adrian Cronauer —Good Morning, Vietnam

Robin in his element. It’s truly a wonder to witness his genius.

8. Andrew Martin —Bicentennial Man

What does it truly mean to be human? If you haven’t seen this film, do it now. Years later and still incredibly relevant.

7. Peter Banning / Peter Pan —Hook

Hook will always be my favourite re-imagining of Peter Pan. Robin and his Lost Boys are perfection. Bangarang!

6. Daniel Hillard / Euphegenia Doubtfire —Mrs. Doubtfire

If you’re ever feeling down, it really helps hearing Mrs. Doubtfire tell you, “You’re going to be alright.”

5. Jack Powell —Jack

One of Robin’s most underrated performances in my opinion. He had a knack for delivering speeches and this one is no exception.

4. Hunter “Patch” Adams —Patch Adams

Because sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

3. Sean Maguire —Good Will Hunting

He deserved that Oscar win.

2. Genie —Aladdin

I don’t think I’ll be able to watch Aladdin again without crying.

1. John Keating —Dead Poets Society

“O’ Captain, my Captain.”


Thank you, Robin. And remember, nerds, make your lives spectacular.

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