Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (12.28.18)

Dearest Curious Crowd, welcome to the final nerdy news bites ever. We’re revamping NC and we feel that our news posts have run their course. There are tons of resources that cover all the breaking nerdy news, so there’s no real need for another formal post on it. We’ll still be retweeting and sharing relevant news on our social media with #NerdyNewsBites, but there won’t be a formal blog post about them. You’ll be able to search for the hashtag and get your roundup that day or week.

Here’s the final countdown!

countdown news

10. The Merger

Can’t wait for this to get wrapped up so we can see what’s going to happen with the MCU.

9. Kennedy Center Honors

Broadway nerds rejoice for these performances.

8. Stan Lee

It would’ve been Stan’s 96th birthday this week.

7. Doctor Who

Who is ready for New Years?!

6. Black Mirror

Five endings and interactive viewing enters the game.

5. Victoria

Season 3 premieres January 13th!

4. Disnerds

Here’s a reminder that 2019 is a big Disney year!

3. Katherine Johnson

A book to add to your nerdlings reading list space nerds.

2. The Crown

First look from Season 3 and the new cast.

1. In Memoriam

A look back at those we lost this year.

Here’s to 2019! We hope your have a very happy and nerdy new year! Don’t forget to follow, like, and subscribe to continue to follow our curious adventures.

Nerd On!

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