Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (12.22.16)

It’s Christmas Eve’s eve-eve? Sure, let’s go with that. We hope you are surrounded by loved ones and greet the new year with hope.
news 122216 hogwarts Let’s get our nerdy news bites for the week rolling, shall we?

10 Blade Runner 2049

It’s safe to say Harrison Ford is responsible for bringing some of the most iconic characters in cinematic history to life. Will you be venturing to the theater? This girl will be!

9 Unsolved Mysteries

This may be the most random bite, but goes with the nostalgia wave of Blade Runner. Seems all 600 episodes of Unsolved Mysteries will be gracing our streaming services soon. See more here.

8 Duck Tales

Palatte cleanser! On a happier nostalgic note, the cast of Duck Tales singing the theme song pretty much broke the interwebs with adorableness and glee! That Tennant though!

7 Legion

The official Legion poster was released, and it’s pretty cool.

6 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Broadway cast has been completed and I am adding this to my must see list. Christian Borle will be an amazing Wonka! Congrats to the three young actors who will alternate the lead role of Charlie. See more here.
news 122216 Borle Wonka

5 Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson and crowdrise is offering a voice roll in his new stop motion film, Isle of Dogs! Look at that cast list!!! Wow! Enter here.

4 Con Man

Con Man Season 2 starts this week on Comic-Con HQ! #WorthIt

3 The Flash

The mid-season trailer shares we have much to look forward to and we will be on the edge of our seats!

2 Progress

On a positive environmental note, a big congratulations is in order to the city of Las Vegas for successfully running all city facilities via renewable energy! You give me hope! See more here.

1 Sing

With the holiday weekend upon us, many will most likely be venturing to the movie theater. I want you to sing merrily!

What are you looking forward to ending the year with?
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