Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (12.15.17)

Deck the halls with nerdy news bites! Deck those halls? Make sure to share your nerdy decorations that get you in the holiday spirit below.

10. Harry Potter

Though we’ve been anticipating Harry Potter Go, we are getting an official mobile game. It’s time to play, nerds! Who’s going to join the fun?

9. Funko

Three quarters of Nerdy Curiosities are Funko addicts, so we will be watching this documentary.

8. Incredibles

Incredibles 2 is one of next year’s most anticipated movies.


7. Spideyverse

I have never been more happy to see Miles Morales, than in this moment!

6. Jessica Jones

She is on her way, and we can’t wait.

5. Ready Player One

Sure, The Incredibles 2 is highly anticipated, but you have no idea how high my expectations are for this movie! I loved the book so much, and am so excited to come to life. There was also news that Ernest Cline is writing a sequel with Spielberg assisting. My mind is open and ready!

4. The Nutcracker

This is the first look at Disney’s The Nutcracker.

3. Punisher

We will be getting a Season 2.

2. SheRa

She’s getting a reboot and headed to Netflix!

1. Disney-FOX

After weeks of rumors and speculations, it’s officially a done deal as of 6 am Thursday. So many questions! The Marvel fan in me is excited, but will Fantastic 4 even be part of the deal? Will I get my Galactus? What happens to all the people working behind the scenes? Will there be tons of layoffs? How does this affect Hulu? So. Many. Questions!

What are you excited for? Let me know below, and don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe!

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