Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (12.08.17)

Nerds, another week loaded with tasty news bites. So let’s dance our way through those headlines!

10. Unfortunate Events

EW gave us an exclusive look to season 2. See more information and photos here.

news bites unfortunate

9. Disney/FOX

This has been swirling for awhile in the rumor territory, but many news sources posted on it this week. We’re all anxiously awaiting the decision, including Chris Evans.

8. Disney vs. Netflix

The announcement of the Disney Streaming service had many people wondering what would happen with the Marvel Netflix shows. It was reported it is unlikely they leave Netflix. See more here.

news defenders

7. The Long Night

Marvel has partnered with Stitcher for its first scripted podcast starring Richard Armitage as Wolverine!

richard armitage wolverine

6. Josh Gad

If you missed this piece of delightful nerding, enjoy it now! Josh Gad is at it again.

5. Stranger Things

As if there was any doubt…

4. Wayward Sisters

EW got us a first look at the Supernatural spin-off, Wayward Sisters.

3. Phoenix

Sophie Turner burns up the EW cover!

2. Funko

To all you Funatics out there who love the mini animations we get from Funko, good news. We may be a step closer to a Funko movie.

1. Jurassic World

With a number of countdown videos, the trailer was finally released.

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