Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (11.25.16 –12.01.16)

If you have room after all the Thanksgiving nummies, have a taste of these nerdy bites.

rob news 120116

10 Spellbound

Marvel and Funko have released a short video, Spellbound, featuring Pop Spidey, Iron-Man, and Loki battling it out! It is adorable and I am in desperate need of more!

9 Ghost Rider Solo

Will Ghost Rider be getting his own show? See more details here.
ghostrider news 120116

8 The Kingkiller Chronicles

Lionsgate has brought in Lin-Manuel Miranda to produce and help develop The Kingkiller Chronicles film trilogy and tv series adaptations. See more details here.
kingkiller news 120116

7 Anne Rice

The vampire mother is plotting a tv adaptation of her Vampire Chronicles series. Please and thank you HBO, Netflix, Showtime, etc. See more here.
lest news 120116

6 Voldemort

Seems Ralph Fiennes is “protective” of the evil wizard role. See more here.

voldemort news 120116

5 Amelie

4 Star Trek Discovery

Michelle Yeoh will be joined by two new co-stars, Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp. I’m looking forward to see Doug Jones work his otherworldly magics again. See more here.

3 Rogue One

Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed Rogue One will be a stand-alone story in the Star Wars universe and will not have a sequel. Did this really need to be said? It kind of already has sequels right? See more here. Don’t forget to buy your tickets for December 16th!

2 Alien Covenant

1 Mars

Let me know which nerdy bite you’re excited about or if there’s another I may have missed! Also, if you thought I wasn’t going to acknowledge that Robert gif at the top of the post, then you don’t know me at all. Insert eyebrow wiggle.

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As always, nerd on!
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