Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (11.17.17)

Nerds, it’s that time again, time for your weekly nerdy news bites.

news nerd

10. Fantastic Beasts

The title was unveiled…

9. Shazam

Young Billy!

8. Psych

We’re already getting our pineapple themed viewing party ready!

7. Handmaid’s Tale

Season 2 premiere: April 2018 

6. Bobpool

The winner of the nerdy interwebs this week, goes to Mr. Pool.

5. The Crow

There has been whisperings of this for awhile now, and Jason has confirmed.

4. Lord of The Rings

We’re headed back to Middle Earth.

3. Hamilton

Ok, this is news in the making. I think we are in the room where it happens.

2. X-Files


1. Star Tours

Your feel good news bite of the week comes from Mark Hamill, who surprised Star Tour guests! Can’t even imagine the screams that would come from us NC ladies. 

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