Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (11.10.2016)

NERDS!!! If you’re reading this, we’ve survived election-pocalypse 2016! Congratulations! Now that it’s over, let’s focus on more fun stuff.

10 Stranger Things

Season 2 has added some great people, including Paul Riser, Sean Astin, and Linnea Berthelsen. If you’d like descriptions of their characters, see more here.
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9 Tolkien

From Sean Astin to the new Tolkien biopic, “Middle Earth” finding it’s director this week; James Strong. See more here. Get them hobbit feet ready.
nerdynews 111016

8 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spidey has his composer…

7 Spidey

Michael Keaton has been confirmed as the Vulture. See more here.

nerdynews 111016

6 Russo Bros.

The Russos shared a scouting image. Hmm…

5 Fantastic Beasts

It has been revealed Johnny Depp will be Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts sequels. See more here.
nerdynews 111016

4 Moana

Check out the Moana soundtrack teaser and see more here.

3 Avengers Assemble

A little #NerdItForward for you, The Avengers unite to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. See more here.
nerdynews 111016

2 Arctic

How about a mystery… It was announed people in the Arctic are hearing a strange pinging noise coming from the sea floor. See more here.
nerdynews 111016


Elon announced new solar roof tiles.

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