Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (10.19.18)

It is time for another collection of nerdy news bites! Why does October go by so fast?

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10. Dracula

A great time to announce a new Dracula miniseries being developed by the great duo Moff and Gatis! 

9. DCU Expands

Congrats to Ben Aldridge for being cast as the new Alfred in an interesting expansion to the Batman universe.

8. RIP


7. Auntie Edna

This is worth buying the film!!! We love auntie Edna!


Such a gorgeous TARDIS makeover! Beautiful design details. What do you think? What would your TARDIS look like?

5. Daredevil

Who is going to be watching Friday?

4. Disney Green

Props to Disney for expanding solar energy at the Magic Kingdom.

3. Iron Fist

Iron Fist is the first to get cancelled. There’s word of fans petitioning to save  the show. How about you? Are you going to miss it?

2. Gotham City

We’ll take 4 tickets please for a nerdventure!

1. La Llorana

There was much anticipation for the trailer, and I’m super excited to see the story come to the big screen.

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