Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (10.13.17)

Hello, Nerds, welcome to another 10 nerdy news bites! So much news came from NYCC last weekend. Let’s get this going. Wait what day is it?

10. The Librarians

To all of you Librarians, the wait will be over in December!

9. Pacific Rim 2

Check out the PR2 trailer. SHout out to the loveable John Boyega! What are your thoughts?

8. Hey Arnold!

All the excite! Our childhood is a calling, and we will finally know what happened to Arnold’s parents.

7. Runaways

Marvel continues dominating our television with the awaited Runaways! NYCC was raving. Will you be watching?


6. Constantine

Matt Ryan will not only return to the Arrowverse as Constantine for a few episodes, but will also be animated for CWseed. See more of the poster here.

news 101317 constantine

5. Justice League

This is going to be an epic event!  


4. The Last Jedi

These Star Wars trailers are just pieces of art. Beautiful.

3. The X-Files

They’re coming…


2. Stranger Things

Holy! It’s Friday the 13th! Do a spooky dance…

1. Castle Rock

To end on an appropriately spooky bite, the trailer for Stephen King’s Castle Rock was released this week. Can’t wait how this ties the universe together.

Insert evel laugh here.

What nerdy bite are you excited about? Will you be seeing all the nerdy movies this winter? Let me know below, and don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe! xoxo

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