Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (10.06.17)

It is October and we’ve been having a blast planning out our posts this month. Make sure to check out our other posts this month!

news 100617 but first

Let’s get to the nerdy news!

10. Harry Potter

The wait is over Potterheads! Get your illustrated Prisoner of Azkaban.

9. Stranger Things

ST is killing it with the marketing campaign this season. Anticipation can’t get anymore intense.

8. Fantastic Beasts

Newt is applying for travel… There might be some trouble.

7. Maui

Nothing like a bit of inside information from a Disney classic. Here, have some much needed warm and fuzzies. 

6. 2049

Who is venturing? Seems the reviews have been quite good.

5. Lore

For a taste of the spookies this nerdy news, Lore announced the next book, Wicked Mortals.

4 Justice League

Snap! A new Justice League trailer will be released Sunday. 

3. Gal Gadot

I imagine her simply walking through a door would have the same effect!

2. Han Solo

Ron, keep dropping the images! Keep dropping them!

1. Luke Cage

Looks like Luke will have some company next season…

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