Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (09.28.18)

September has come to a close and here are your last nerdy news bites of the month!


10. Karen Gillan

Wanted to give a special shout out to the magnificant Karen Gillan on her nomination!

9. Terminator

Good Lawd it has been 34 years, hasn’t it? Look at these two!!! Hey Linda, Linda, listen Linda, Linda! You’re awesome!

8. Blade

Many people would love to see more Blade. How do you feel about this?

7. Dark Phoenix

I’m curious what Marvel/Disney is going to do with X-men now that their coming to the MCU. 

6. Birds of Prey

I love these ladies but would’ve preferred some of the other rumored ladies in these roles. I’m keeping an open mind as I love all badass women flix.

5. Fantastic Beasts

This was a stunning trailer!

4. NASA 60

Happy Birthday is in order! We shall celebrate by looking up in wonder and tuning in October 1st!

3. Andromeda

Make sure you look up this weekend sky nerds, astro nerds, space nerds. See more here.


2. Telltale

Goodbye, Telltale.

1. Wicked

They said Wicked, they said Idina and Kristen reunite, they said a bunch of other stuff! They pretty much got me on the first two things. I’m in! See more here.


Bonus News Bite: Tom Hanks

The photo says it all! Welcome to the neighborhood, Hanx!

What are you looking forward to this week before October gets here in a flash!!! Woot! Don’t forget to do all the social media stalking because October is gonna be awesome!!!

Nerd On!

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