Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (09.22.16)

Let’s get to it nerds! There was a lot of news this week and only so many bites to cover a few of them! See the list below.

10 Anastasia The Musical

We are all Broadway and musical nerds here at NC, so I want to start us off right. Enjoy the trailer!

9 Hamilton

Just a reminder, PBS’s Hamilton’s America premieres Oct. 21st.

8 Beauty & The Beast 25th Anniversary

The lovely Angela Lansbury sang the signature song for the anniversary and it was just as magical.

7 Doctor Strange

A new video was released this week. Is it November, yet?

6 Clone Club

Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot all won Emmys, congrats to all!

But I was ecstatic Tatiana was finally recognized for her tremendous work and talent!

5 DuckTales

All the nostalgia was felt when D23 released the DuckTales logo for the Disney XD 2017 show. See more here.


4 Winnie-the-Pooh

Speaking of childhood… There’s a new character in the Hundred Acre Wood. Welcome, Penguin. See more information here.

penguin news

3 Passengers

A trailer was released for the much talked about Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt film. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wish they would do a comedy together, but I’m curious. What are your thoughts?

2 Toyota

I know what you’re thinking. How would Toyota make a nerdy news list? Well, science! Toyota is working on a new car, the Mirai, powered by hydrogen fuel made out of poop! See the details here.
news toyota

1 #SaveTheDay

Joss Whedon released an important message to remind folks to vote using some pretty influential friends and it is hilarious.

What else happened this week that you’re excited about? Let me know below! Give us some love on the social medias and subscribe! (wink, wink)

Nerd On,
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