Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (09.21.18)

Another week of nerdy news bites for you as October approaches. He’s coming!

michael halloween

10. Poppins

She’s still practically perfect in every way. Those are tough shoes to fill, so props to Emily for taking on the challenge.

9. The Good Place

Soon! So forking excited!

8. Emmys

Congrats to all the winners, especially them badass ladies!

7. Halloween

Oh, Michael, we’re ready for you. Rubs hands together excitedly!

6. Lois Lane

The CW has found its Lois.

5. Captain Marvel

I have nothing to say except that I am so excited.

4. Disney / Marvel

So, the initial reaction to this news was ‘say wha?!’ I can see both positives and negatives on this, so please let me know your thoughts!

3. Doctor Who

There was a new Who trailer this week, but more importantly here is a video of Jodie reacting to tweets.

2. Wreck-It

A new trailer has dropped and more excitement!

1. Daredevil

It has been awhile DD, looking forward to seeing you.

Bonus News Bite: Veronica Mars

Confirmed by the lovely Ms. Mars herself, VM is arriving on Hulu!

Let me know what nerdy news struck you this week, and why! Don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe.

Nerd On!!

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