Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (09.08.17)

There goes the first week of September, and Fall can’t get here fast enough! Let’s take a look at a few nerdy news bites that made the week a bit brighter.

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10. Han Solo

Ron Howard tweeted a behind the scenes look on set. 

9. Aladdin

I’m keeping an open mind. The genie’s lamp is tough to fill. Check out the cast as production begins.

8. Scrooge

It’s way to early to be talking about Christmas, but Christmas Carol is the only somewhat creepy story of the holiday. Watch the new trailer, featuring the lovely Dan Stevens, as Charles Dickens.

7. The Current War

Cumberbatch, Shannon, Hoult, and Holland? Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla? Yes, please.

6. Thor

Character motion posters were released including this beauty for Hela!

5. Lore

Lore made my nerdy news last week and it’s back this week. Make sure you preorder Monstrous Creatures and you’ll get an exclusive enamel pin.

4. Disney

It’s official, Marvel and Star Wars will be moving from Netflix to Disney’s streaming service in 2019.

3. It

Who is venturing to It this weekend? I am excited to see the new Pennywise. The sequel is moving forward with writer Gary Dauberman. See more here.

News Bites 081817 Pennywise

2. TV Fall Schedule

Nerds, take a look at the list of premiere dates and set your calendar reminders. See them here.

tv gif news 090817

1. Kingsman

Want a #NerdItForward bite of goodness? The Kingsman: The Golden Circle’s New York premiere was canceled in support of the Hurricane Harvey telethon. See more here.

You know the drill nerds, like, follow, subscribe, and let me know what bite you’re excited about below.

Nerd it forward and Nerd on!

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