Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (09.01.17)

To our dearest Curious Nerds, it has been an emotionally draining week. If you don’t know, I live in Houston, so you can imagine what the last few days have been like. This was partly why our lovely Rach took over news for me last week while I prepared for Harvey. I have been very fortunate, but many I know have suffered loss. If there has been a silver lining in all of this, is my faith in the people of this city. Regardless of our differences, people pulled together. The most diverse city in the USA has lived up to the inclusivity and southern hospitality it’s known for. I’d like to share the following links if you are able of donating, please do.

American Red Cross Houston – Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund established by Mayor Turner (T-shirt)

News 090117 Robin Hood Gif

Let’s continue shining light in the dark, and talk about some nerdy news bites for the week.

10. Misty Knight

The first image was released of the epic Misty Knight and her new bionic arm. We were all wondering when Misty would get her upgrade, and after that Defenders scene, there’s no denying we’ll see her new arm in action in Luke Cage Season 2.

9. Gunpowder

We have to wait a long, long, long, long time for the final season of Thrones. WTF is going to happen? I’m not going to lie, I was one of many Houstonians Sunday night whose priorities included viewing GoT uninterrupted by Harvey. It was spotty there, but It distracted me from my anxiety for 79 minutes. If you would like to quench that Jon Snow thirst, then keep an eye out for Kit Harington’s Gunpowder. See the BBC One teaser below.

8. Punisher

Check out the teaser with the usual suspects released for The Punisher. Can’t wait for some more Frank Castle.

7. Stranger

It only gets stranger with new character posters from Stranger Things. Is it October 27th, yet?

6. Titans

Congrats to Brenton Thwaites on joining Titans. The casting has been great! Who’s looking forward to this?

5. Hogwarts

Time for another trip back to Hogwarts.

4. Mr. Robot

Who is ready for more Rami?

3. Spidey

Great news to hear the writing crew is returning for the sequel.

2. Lore

If don’t already know, I love Lore podcast, and have been anxiously awaiting the new show. Right on time for October! Here’s a look!

1. Force Friday

Seeing as it is Force Friday, I wanted to include this awesomeness from Lego. Over 7,500 pieces and $800 of worth it, the Millenium Falcon. See more here.

news 090117 millennium falcon

Here’s to brighter times after the storm. Love to you all. Please like, follow, subscribe, and let me know what you’re excited about from the bites above.

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