Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (08.25.16)

Another week of nerdity on the interwebs. Below are 10 news bites for the week.

news 08.24.16

10. Space News

Mark your calendars! August 27th marks Jupiter’s date with Venus where they will be dancing super close. This proximity will not happen again for another 49 years. For many of us, this may be our last chance to see it. This may prove to be a great date to organize with your nerdlings, then 49 years from now, they can look up and think of you. All the nerdy feels and bonding brought to you by our solar system.

Venus-Jupiter Conjunction 2016: When, Where and How to See It

The two brightest planets in the night sky, #Venus and #Jupiter, will dance together on Aug. 27, 2016, in their closest encounter until 2065. Here's how to see them. #VenusJupiterConjunction Photo Credit:

Posted by on Tuesday, 23 August 2016

9. Pluto

While we’re looking up, let’s enjoy this close-up view of Pluto and wave a proper hello! You’ll always be a planet to me.

8. Back to it

That realm looks familiar… Hmm, up to no good I say.

7. Ant-man & The Wasp

Funny man and fan fave, Michael Peña is set to return! There really wouldn’t be an Ant-man without him. See more here.
news 08.24.16

6. Daredevil

With so much coming from Netflix and Marvel, I didn’t expect to see a Daredevil teaser this soon, but I welcome it with open arms. Please sir, can I have some more?

5. Riri

The badass young woman taking over the iron mantle from Tony got her own name, Ironheart. That name is perfection. It is classic, superhero worthy, gender neutral, and powerful. Bravo Marvel, bravo. See more here.
news 08.24.16

4. Supergirl and Wonder Woman

Speaking of strong badass ladies, Melissa Benoist broke our Instagram due to this great photo of her and Lynda. Can’t wait for the next season of Supergirl.

Met a wonderful woman today @reallyndacarter

A photo posted by Melissa Benoist (@melissabenoist) on

3. Gambit

This production just can’t catch a break. The director has left the project. Can we just start over? Maybe? Fox? See more here.

2. Second Star to the Right…

Seems our closest habitable planet is “only” 4.25 light years away. Awkward smile. See more cool info here.

1. Internaut Day

Last, but certainly not least. We would not be here right now if it weren’t for Internaut Day. 23 years ago this week, the web went live. 23 years later, life hasn’t been the same since. A toast to all you innovators. See more here.

You know the drill nerds. Let me know what you’re excited for and if I missed some epic news.

Don’t forget to nerd on!

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