Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (08.17.18)

Have some nerdy news bites with your lunch, and let them remind you we have loads to look forward to. Simple pleasures, yo.

10. Iron Fist

After seeing him in Luke Cage season 2, I’m looking forward to seeing Danny’s story continue.

9. Jurassic Park

Jurassic World may be a big hit, but nothing compares to the original. I still remember what it was like seeing it in the theater at 10 years old. It blew my mind. Relive the moment when it returns to cinemas for the 25th anniversary! Can we say old?!

8. Mulan Casting

Congrats to Jimmy and Doua for joining the cast! We’re excited to see him on the big screen! This was Jen’s reaction, “No. Way!! This is too cool! Jimmy is the co-host of Feasts of Fiction on YT. They haven’t posted any new recipes lately but I have featured his channel on Foodie. And he is friends with Jared Gilmore and AJ Rafael and is the one who does not know his Disney songs ?

7. Star Trek Discovery

Let’s continue the congratulation with Ethan Peck who has been cast as younger Spock! What a legendary role.

6. Luci

Lucifer began shooting this week! Thanks again Netflix!

5. Doctor Who

Neil has written some of the best Who episodes, so I hope he gets the chance.

4. Sabrina

You know how ready I am for October, this just adds to the anticipation!

3. Mulan

She’s perfect. That’s it.

2. The Nun

So, this was banned, and I’m more excited to see this damn movie!

1. Runaways

Mark your calendars! Are you excited for Season 2?

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