Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (07.28.17)

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Yawwwwwn! Con-exhaustion has officially set in, along with the dreaded con-crud. The NC crew is haggard, but we will survive! Along with all the return to our “regular” lives, comes the inevitable post-con blues, so we wanted to offer this special trailer edition of nerdy news to dull the pain.

10. Defenders

Seriously, can Netflix get any more awesome?

9. Stranger Things

After attending this year’s SDCC, it is difficult not to think Netflix won the Con.

8. Star Trek Discovery

The Comic Con trailer has me excited to watch this show!

7. Black Panther

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated superhero movies! Just look at that badass cast!

6. Infinity War

D23 had us seal our phones in bags, so we could not document anything, but it is safe to say, the Infinity War teaser was the most epic thing shown. It was also shown at SDCC, and I believe there’s a few leaked videos out there. We’re not ones to share those things, but feel free to Google. In the meantime enjoy the cast at D23!

5. Lion King

Sadly the Live Action Panel footage of the opening sequence that Jon Favreau presented at D23 has not been released, but guys… The emotions that poured out of us was strong. It was shot for shot, nerds. I hope it’s released soon, so everyone can witness and anticipate as we are.

4. Wrinkle In Time

The trailer premiered at the epic Disney Live Action Panel at D23. Yes, we saw Oprah, live, and it was everything.

3. Justice League

Coming November 13th, Wonder Woman 1.5! WW2 will be release December of 2019, so mark your calendars.

2. Ragnarok

The second trailer for Thor premiered at SDCC, with more goodness. This definitely looks to be the strongest Thor movie. What do you think, nerds?

1. Ready Player One

After reading this book, and learning Spielberg was taking it on, I’ve been waiting for this trailer for a long, long, long time! It looks like a visual feast, and I can’t wait to see all the references.

What was the most exciting news announcement from D23 or SDCC for you? Share in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us as post convention coverage all next week.

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