Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (07.13.18)

How is SDCC next week? Make sure you keep your eyes out for Rachel and Jenine if you’re in San Diego. Let me know below if you’ll be there. Here are some nerdy news bites to end your week.

10. Emmys

Emmy nominations hit yesterday, and we want to send a hearty congratulations to all the nominees!

9. Sha-Zac

You know how we feel about our boy. We’re looking forward to Sha-Zac!

8. Finish Him!

Mortal Kombat is definitely worthy of a reboot.

7. Joker

We’re getting an origin story.

6. Indy and Poppins

Indiana Jones 5 has been delayed, while Mary Poppins Returns’ release date has been moved up.

5. Mmm’baku Thicc

I just had to. (Enter smirk here.) We’ll be seeing more of Winston in a bio-pic.

 4. Moulin Rouge

This set is one of the most stunning things we have ever seen, and Rach and I are so excited for this show!

3. Captain Marvel

We’re ready for another badass lady to hit the big screen and join the MCU! 

2. Paleontology News

A new giant has been discovered in Argentina. Where’s Goldblum? See more here.

new dino

1. Mary Queen of Scots

Speaking of badass women, how about a movie about two historical greats? We’ve been waiting for this trailer,  and these ladies do not disappoint!

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