Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (07.06.18)

How about some nerdy news bites to close your week? Did anyone else get completely thrown off with the holiday in the middle of the week?! It messed up my clock big time. Let’s get to this!

news clock gif

10. Watchmen

Congratulations to Tom Mison! Excited to see you back on my TV screen.

9. Glass

Who else is excited to see these character merge?

8. Little Women

To all Lit loving nerds who know there can never be too many remakes of classics, sink your teeth into this.

7. RIP

6. Jim Carrey

This is pretty perfect!

5. Frozone

This is simply a brilliant idea!

4. Miles Teller

Congrats to Miles for landing this coveted role.


Get ready nerds. Who will be attending SDCC? Make sure you say hello to Jen and Rach.

2. Dreams

Yes, I titled this news bite this because someone has obviously been peaking into my fantasies. Just sayin’…

1. Happy 4th

Happy Birthday, Cap!

What are you excited about the most? Make sure to let me know below, and don’t forget to like and follow!

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