Top Nerdy 10: News Bites 06.23.17

It was another delightfully nerdy week guys! Wish I could say the same about other aspects in the world, but all we can do is enjoy what we can. Let’s start the countdown of nerdy news!

news countdown

10 Game of Thrones

Nerds, Winter is fast approaching! Maybe not literally, but you know what I mean!


And the best superhero album cover goes to…


8 An Infinite Reunion

Leave to Thanos to unite our heroes, why not have a bit of fun along the way. Up to no good, I just know it.


7 Wizarding World Book Club

Not that we would ever need a reason to revist the wizarding world, but now there is a legitimate excuse.


6 Deadpool

No one can get the nerds all rialed up quite like Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool. Appropriately, such a good tease.


5 Dracula

We may not be getting a Sherlock series soon, but the Gatiss, Moffat, Vertue team is bringing us a Dracula mini-series! Yes, please. See more here.

nerdy news dracula

4 Watchmen

A Watchmen series is headed to HBO from The Leftovers’ Damon Lindelof. See more details here.

nerdy news watchmen

3 Supernatural

A Supernatural spin-off may be in the works at the CW featuring Kim Rhodes. See all the details here.

news supernatural

2 Black Mirror

Black Mirror is leaving our screens and headed to our book stores! The series will be adapted into a series of books. What a great idea! See more here.

black mirror news

1 Han Solo

After letting go of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller due to creative differences, Ron Howard has officially stepped to the helm. See more here.

news han solo

What news bites are you looking forward to nerds? Let me know below. Don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe!

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