Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (06.16.16)


Hai, Nerds! Time once again to take a look at this week’s ten nerdy news bites!

10. Ant-man & The Wasp?

Congrats to Sharon Stone! She has joined the MCU family! I’m sure Sebastian Stan is happy about this. (wink wink) There are a few theories of who she could be playing, my favorite comes from The Real Stan Lee, suggesting she may be the original Wasp. What are your thoughts nerds?

nerdy news 061616

9. Homecoming

Once the Miles Morales fan favorite, Donald Glover has joined the Spidey family! No other details have been given on his role, but many are excited. See more here.

donald glover

8. Moana

Moana’s teaser was released during the Tony awards this week featuring Dwayne Johnson and music from Lin-Manuel. Can’t wait to see this!

7. The Tonys

For any Broadway nerds, the Tonys were exceptional. If you missed the show, hosted by James Corden, you can watch the highlighted performances or the entire show, here. I wanted to share one of my favorites opening performances ever!

6. Shrek

It’s been reported the Shrek franchise may be revived due to NBCUniversal acquiring DreamWorks Animation. See more here.


5. American Gods

Orlando Jones has joined the American Gods team as Mr. Nancy. Nancy is the human form of the West African trickster god Anansi. See more here.

nerdy news 061616

4. Pete’s Dragon

The official trailer was released this week.

3. E3

Here are some of the highlights from E3

  • Capcom: Resident Evil VII: Biohazard will launch on January 24, 2017. See more here.
  • Sony: PS VR headset for $399. See more here.
  • PS4: Spidey. See more here.

2. Broadway HD & She Loves Me

I was super excited for Broadway HD when it launched. Now we have word that She Loves Me will be the first Broadway show to be live streamed June 30th! The show will be available the following week, as well. See here for more details. This is the future!

1. Orlando

It has been a very difficult week in the news. Our hearts and thoughts are with Orlando. But amidst the sadness and horror, it’s overwhelming to witness the outpouring of love and compassion from around the world. Broadway’s biggest stars are coming together to raise their voices in support of the victims and those wounded. More information on the single (set to be released June 20th) can be found here on the PlayBill website.

top nerdy 10 news bites

If you have been considering supporting the Pulse Victims, please find the official Go Fund Me page here and you can also order Lin-Manuel Miranda’s official “Love is Love” tee here which will benefit Equality Cares in Florida.

Love is love is love is love is love…

Nerd On.
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