Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (06.15.18)

Welcome to mid-June and another collection of nerdy news bites! Let’s go!doctor strange

10. Marvel Stud10s

Marvel released these great character posters as part of the 10-year anniversary celebrations. We have to acknowledge all these characters are more than what they seem.

9. Luke Cage

I have never been more ready for June 22nd.

8. Dumbo

When we first laid eyes on Dumbo at the D23 live-action presentation, we audibly gasped and awed. This is why!

7. 1984

First, we saw this and then our brains melted.

6. Aquaman

Have a sneak peek at Black Manta and more.

5. Tokyo Disney

It’s time to plan Disnerds! Tokyo Disney is about to be ‘punzeled!

4. Batman

I personally think he would’ve been great.

3. Stephen King

Let’s take a spooky turn.

2. The Nun

Now let’s just freak the F out! I’m so looking forward to this and the Crooked Man!

1. Comcast vs. Disney

Comcast, you’re killing my dreams. This better shake out quick.

Bonus Bite: E3

Loads of gaming news emerged from E3 2018. Here are just some of the highlights!

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