Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (05.26.17)

Welcome, Nerds! Another week and another round of nerdy news bites are coming your way!

news 052617 dancing daffy

10. Justice League

First and foremost, our deepest condolences go out to Zack Snyder as he had to step away from the Justice League project due to a family tragedy. Zack, our thoughts are with you and your family.

I am glad his project is being left in the capable hands of Joss Whedon to wrap up. See more below.

9. Game of Thrones

Many sneak peek photos of season 7 were released via EW, see them here. Who is ready?!

8. Venom

Congratulations to our new Eddie Brock, Tom Hardy! See more here.

news venom 033017

7. Uncharted

Way to monopolize Tom Holland, Sony! . Spidey will be Nathan Drake. See more here.

news 052617 tom holland

6. Wonder Woman

Look in awe and wonder, Nerds. This is the best.

5. Dark (Monster) Universe

That’s some monster universe you’ve built Universal.

4. Spaceballs

Ok, let’s start the nostalgia here, with Spaceballs. Seems Mel Brooks is in talks for a sequel. Wonder if it’ll be a sequel or a reboot. Hmmm… See more here.

news spaceballs

3. Castlevania

Let’s continue with one of the most surprising announcements this week courtesy of Netflix!

2. Dark Crystal

Speaking of childhood things, Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal is also getting the Netflix treatment! Thanks Netflix!

1. Captain Marvel

It’s always interesting to see how the MCU will be woven together. Seems Ant-Man will be the connection to Captain Marvel. Makes sense. See more here.

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Let me know what nerdy news bites you’re excited for, and don’t forget to follow, like, and subscribe!

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