Top Nerdy 10: News Bites 04.29.16

Another week closer to Civil War. Another week of nerdy news. Here I am, all…


Before the Russo Brothers and Civil War has me all…


Hey, I’m super excited to see it, but you know shizz is going to go down and it’s gonna hurt!  Sigh, so let’s distract ourselves a bit and do this!

10. The Killing Joke

Official trailer to The Killing Joke was released and it has made the nerddom overwhelmed with anticipation!!! Are you excited for July?!

9. Fantastic Four Rumor

You guys know I try my best not to feature rumors, but this has my little, optimistic, nerdy heart hoping for truth!  Plus, there’s a lot of little transactions from the business end that just seem fit! Sure, it would’ve been great to have them part of the MCU from the beginning, but better late than never! Right?! What do you think? See more details on the report via here.

nerdynews 042916

8. American Gods

Seems like eons since we’ve heard American Gods was going to be a series and now Starz and Bryan Fuller have begun production on Neil Gaiman’s story in Toronto! A photo was released showing some of the cast, you can read more cast details here. How do you feel about the casting?

nerdynews 042916

7. Unfortunate Events

Barney would definitely gasp at this transformation, but I am in love with this look and am looking forward to Netflix’ adaptation of “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”!!! Excited?

6. FilmStruck

Get ready for another streaming service nerds! One, that I personally, will be happily partaking in! A joint venture between Criterion Collection and TCM, FilmStruck will offer rare films, foreign films, classic films, films by legendary directors, independent films, cult favorites, and they will provide the Criterion Collection experience of bonus features. You can find more info here, where my mutual cinephile friend, Karen has written a piece about it!

nerdynews 042916

5. Disnerdia

Disnerds, get ready! D23 released a crazy, live-action list of projects Disney has in store for us including Cruella starring Emma Stone and a Tim Burton Dumbo! See the full list here. How do you feel about these live action versions of the classics? They’ve been quite divisive it seems.

nerdynews 042916

4. Wolverine 3 News

The great Richard E. Grant and the hilarious Stephen Merchant have been added to the Wolverine 3 cast! No details as of yet to their characters, but Richard Grant is said to be playing a mad scientist. Begin the hypothesis!

nerdynews 042916

3. Spiderman Homecoming

On the #CivilWar red carpet, Kevin Feige was asked about Marvel’s relationship with Sony. His response pleased many a worried nerd. See more here.

“Well, I’ve known all those people for a very long time. Amy Pascal, Tom Rothman, who runs Sony now, I’ve known for years. So, it’s been great. They really are supportive in allowing us to make the creative decisions to make [Spider-Man: Homecoming], but they’ve been great partners. So far so good on that movie.” ~Kevin Feige

nerdynews 042916

2. Watership Down

Seems a member of the nerddom was responsible for casting the novel-based, Netflix/BBC, animated series Watership Down! I kid, but seriously, check this out…John Boyega (Star Wars), James McAvoy (X-Men), Nicolas Hoult (X-Men) and Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3)! Seems like it was nerddom checklist! lol! See more here.

nerdynews 042916

1. Mars 2018

SpaceX plans Mars missions as soon as 2018!!! What a bold statement SpaceX! See more information here, and watch their video below.

I hope you enjoy your weekend nerds! Comment below and share your thoughts on this week’s news bites! Don’t forget to follow us and subscribe! 😉

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