Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (04.28.17)

Month #4 of 2017 is nearly complete and we are rapidly approaching nerd mecca time. Let’s take a look back at the week with your nerdy news bites.

news 042817 hobbit

10. Kingsman

The official trailer! Cannot wait!

9. Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world is she? She’s coming to Netflix! Congrats to the badass Gina Rodriguez! Looking forward to this wave of nostalgia.

8. Hakuna Matata

We may have our Timon and Pumbaa! Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner are in negotiations, see more info here. Yep, I can see it.

news 042817 timon pumbaa

7. Speaking of Lion King…

Official release date!

6. Star Wars & Indiana Jones

Star Wars IX is set to be released May 24, 2019 and the fifth Indiana Jones with Harrison Ford is scheduled to be released July 10, 2020. See more here.

news 042817 indy

5. Scamander

Looks like another Scamander will be introduced in the Fantastic Beasts sequel.

4. Jurassic World 2

Life finds a way… to bring you some more Goldblum! He will be joining the cast of Jurassic World 2.

3. Disney’s Christopher Robin

Last week we talked about Fox’s Pooh film with Margot Robbie and Domhnall Gleeson, well now we know who the adult Christopher Robin will be in Disney’s live action Winnie movie is. Congrats to the charming devil, Ewan McGregor! See more here.

news 042817 ewan

2. Mutant Galore

We’ve got a lot of FOX headed our way including Deadpool 2, New Mutants, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix! See all the release dates here.

news dark phoenix 042817

1. Masters of the Universe

Sony announced a release date for Masters, December 18th, 2019! Are you excited for more 80’s nostalgia? I know I’m ready for some Skeletor. See more here.

news skeletor 042817

What all are you excited for nerds? Comment below, and share other bites you may have found this week. Don’t forget to like, follow, share, and subscribe!

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  1. I’m excited to see what Fox does with the X-Men reboot. So much potential.

  2. I’m super excited about Indy 5!

    • I wonder if Harrison is just going through all his iconic characters and killing them off. :/ That’s the only thing I’m worried about. I kinda think Indy could lend himself to being a U.S. Bond, just recast and continue with his adventures. What do you think?

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