Top Nerdy 10: News Bites 04.08.16

Man, the nerdom was getting sucker punched in the feels this week; the nerdy news was complete madness! Yes, we’re going to relive some highs and lows…

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Aw, come on, don’t shoot errr… hit the messenger! I’m here to support you nerds, through the highs and lows. Ok, I won’t burst into song here. *coughcough*


Let’s start with the lowest point. Sunday. The Walking Dead. Negan. Lucille. Having to wait 6 months to find out what happened. Our hearts go out to you! Check out Jam’s detailed review here and also if you feel like torturing yourself, watch the dreaded scene again below!


Then quickly on Monday we were graced with this glorious gif from the far realm known as NYC, Doctor Strange himself leaping! If you follow this blog, you know this has made more than one appearance. It just makes me so happy! Well, besides this magical gift gif, we also got video of Ben visiting a local comic book shop giving nerds a most warranted geekgasm! How great does he look?! He is the Sorcerer Supreme!

Back to Life


A new trailer for Spielberg’s BFG has been released and we get a glimpse of the giant!


A new Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer was released featuring Pink’s White Rabbit again!


It’s official! Season 4 of Sherlock is finally afoot and slated for release early 2017! For more news on what we know so far, here.

news 040816


Keep your eye on Jimmy Kimmel next week for a MARVEL-ous spectacle! Starting April 11th the show will feature appearances by the cast of Civil War across two nights, as well as Chirs Hemsworth, Clark Gregg, and Benedict Cumberbatch who will be premiering the Doctor Strange trailer April 12th!!!!! Excuse me while I squee!


Seems Wonder Woman will be gracing our screens a little sooner than planned! Her solo film is scheduled for release June 2, 2017! I can’t wait to see more of Gal as Wondy!

news 040816


There was an announcement of new shows from both BBC and BBCAmerica. Jack Thorne is to write the TV adaptation of His Dark Materials! See more here. BBCAmerica announced a Doctor Who spin-off based in Coal Hill School will be heading to our small screens. See more information on the premise here.

news 040816


All of you designical fashion nerds… The Her Universe Fashion Show Design Competition is now open! Submit your designs and you could see them walk the runway at SDCC! See more here.

news 040816


Time to celebrate la piscina de la muerte! Ryan Reynolds has signed his contract for Deadpool 2! Let’s get this started! Whoo! See more here.

news 040816


Whaaa??? Last minute addition! The first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Check it!!!

Boom. Another nerdy news roundup is complete 🙂 Until next week!

Nerd On!
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