Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (04.07.17)

Howdy, Nerds! We’re giving our nerdy news bites a taste of Friday to kick-off the weekend.

10. War for the Planet

9. GoT

Is it July yet?

8. Doctor Who

The Doctor returns April 15th! Are you joining his latest adventures?

7. Luci

May 1st, Lucifer returns. Save the date! If you’re not watching this show, now is the perfect time to get started!

6. Guardians

Here’s an awesome TV spot for GotG2! We get it, James Gunn, you’re rad. 😉

5. Wicked

I’m here to fill up your nerdy calendar! This seems to have been the goal this past week. The latest to add is December 20, 2019. While it’s still a ways away, for all you Broadway nerds out there, this is a big damn deal. More details here.

news wicked 040717

4. Daredevil 

Now that Ironfist has been released attention has moved to The Defenders. But what about other seasons for DD, JJ, and Luke Cage? Daredevil Season 3 will begin production later this year. Get the inside scoop from Charlie here. What are you hoping to see from Season 3?

news daredevil 040717

3. Joe Manganiello & D&D

If anyone has seen Joe at HQ or heard him on Nerdist, you know the dude is a true nerd. While listening to the Happy Sad Confused podcast Thursday, Joe mentioned he’s co-writing a D&D script! It’s not surprising, but we’re excited that someone nerdy about the game will be writing it. Get all the deets here.

news end 040717

2. Hello World!

Forward to science and space! The newly discovered planet is part of a system previously found by Kepler. Four other worlds: Kepler-150 b, c, d, and e had been discovered, but the new planet, Kepler-150 f, was further and it’s signal was overlooked. See more info here.

news kepler 040717

Artist’s impression of Kepler-150F. Michael S. Helfenbein courtesy of IFLS.

1. New Pyramid Discovery

Well, not a “new” pyramid, just not known. You know what I mean! It’s 3,700 years old and dates back to Egypts 13th Dynasty. Check out more info here.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about the “lost” pyramid. It’s amazing that archaeologists are still discovering things. Indiana Jones would be proud!

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