Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (03.30.17)

There’s no time to waste! We’re just going to jump right in with our recap of last week’s news!

10. Lara Croft

How perfect does Alicia Vikander look?

The Oscar winner dons the iconic tank top and embarks on a global adventure in the new film based on the video game.

Posted by Vanity Fair on Monday, 27 March 2017

9. Power Rangers

The highly anticipated film hit theatres last Friday and the OG cast of Mighty Morphin were reunited at the LA premiere! ’90’s nostalgia!!!

8. Homecoming

There’s no such thing as watching a Marvel trailer too many times. Just saying.

7. Justice For All

Sure, there’s a lot of talk about unfinished effects, yada, yada… Guys, this is a pretty awesome trailer. How badass do Aquaman and Wonder Woman look?

6. Pennywise

He’s coming…

5. Venom

So much Venom talk this week and mixed reactions. R-rated, yay! Outside of the MCU, boo! Looks like production will begin in the fall. See more info here.

news venom 033017

4. Inhumans

September 1st is the date you need!

Prepare to meet the Royal Family. See the first two episodes of “Marvel’s Inhumans” in IMAX cinemas starting on September 1st, followed by the full 8 episode series on ABC Television Network this fall.

Posted by Marvel on Sunday, 26 March 2017

3. DC & Marvel Unite

Well, not really. Man that bite title is so click-baity, our apologies. Check out the cast list on Grant Gustin’s new project though.

2. Amelie

Check out the preview of the lovely Phillipa Soo as Amelie!

1. Neuralink

Elon is back at it with a bigger idea for the future of humanity.

Elon Musk wants to connect computers to your brain so we can k…

Elon Musk has started yet another company, Neuralink, which aims to make implants for the human brain that can wirelessly interface with a computer. The technology is called “neural lace.” Watch Musk discuss it at our Code conference last year.

Posted by Recode on Monday, 27 March 2017

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  1. Hard to get too excited about a marvel movie outside of the MCU, but a Venom movie would be cool.

  2. What are your expectations for Laura Croft? Video games don’t have the best record as movies.

  3. Not excited about Tomb Raider at all.

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