Top Nerdy 10: News Bites 03.24.16

It’s a busy time to be a nerd! There’s a never ending revolving door of TV, movies, streaming and cons to fill our calendars with. Embrace it, learn it, love it, live it! Here are your 10 Nerdy News Bites for the week! 

Nerdy News


You would think Marvel is busy enough with Phase 3 and all of the TV/Netflix series, but is Marvel looking into bringing Brian Braddock’s Captain Britain to the small screen?! See more information about the possibility here.



Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television have found their Tick in Peter Serafinowicz! You may recognize Peter as Saal from Guardians of the Galaxy. See more information here.



Here’s a new look to the March 28th DCTV Flash & Supergirl crossover! #cuties


The wonderful Russo Brothers are officially on Facebook! Seeing as they are responsible for bringing us Civil War and Infinity War, it is definitely a page you want to follow! On other Marvel news, seems there’s some movement on the Captain Marvel front! Benedict Cumberbatch has signed to continue as Doctor Strange for the Marvel flick. Casting for Carol Danvers is still to be seen. More information here.



The first few images of The Lego Batman Movie were released and they are everything! Let’s not discredit Will Arnett’s Batman, because his Batman rocks! See more information here. Watch the trailer below!


On March 26th, an open source version of OpenToonz will be available for download! Yep, you will be able to use the Toonz software used by Studio Ghibli. See more information here.



Some previous news items were confirmed this week. Zendaya did confirm she has been cast as “Michelle” in the new Spidey stand alone. No elaboration was given, but the guess is Michele Gonzalez. See more here. Daisy Ridley also confirmed talks for Lara Croft! All the excite! See more information here.



We reported from Dallas Comic Con when Robbie and Stephen Amell told everyone to keep an eye on Facebook for more information on a project they had been working on. Well, this week was the week! Check out Code 8 and go to their Indiegogo campaign! Congrats to the Amell boys and their team for reaching their goal in 36 hours!!!


Disnerds have been patiently waiting for even a glimpse of Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast! Well, we’ve had a sneak peek of our new Gaston! Luke Evans was on Jonathan Ross’ Show and had a #GastonOff with Hugh Jackman! I’m afraid this will have to tide us over until Disney decides to release something!


Another highly anticipated move is of course Wonder Woman! Sorry, WOOOONDAH WOOOMAAAN! You have to, it’s a thing. So we are fortunate to have her grace our screens this weekend in BvS, but check out this awesome photo of the amazonian ladies! See more here.


Here’s to next week nerds!
Nerd On!

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