Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (02.23.18)

Can someone tell me where February went? I remember anticipating Black Panther, and man was that an awesome ride! Let’s take a look at a few nerdy news bites this week.

stranger things nerd gif

10. Lando

One of the high points from the Solo film is undoubtedly Donald Glover as Lando. I would’ve loved his own movie, but looks like we will be getting a little extra content. 

9. Please Won’t You Be…

In case you missed it, Toy Fair was going on last weekend along with a plethora of news announcements. One of which is very dear to our hearts was the Mister Rogers Funko Pops. 

8. Black Panther

A massive congratulations to the King and company on a fantastic, record shattering film! 

7. Legion

A new promo for season 2. Who’s excited? 

6. Dancing with the Penguins

Penguins! David Harbour! Dance moves of epic proportions! Anything for Mother Nature. 

5. Lost In Space

Had no idea this was a thing, but I’m glad it is! 

4. Doctor Who

New Doctor, new era, new design. The designical nerd in me approves. 

3. Jessica Jones

Still angry? Check. Still a Badass? Check. Backstory? Yassss! 

2. Star Wars Disney

Deep breaths, nerds. Get the drool bucket and money tree ready! 

1. Mark Hamill

All the nerdy tears of joy and happy congratulations to the master, Mark Hamill. 

Bonus News Bite: Reboot

One final nerdstalgia bite for Rach. Not sure what to make of this yet. 

What news bites did you see this week that you’re excited for? Let me know below, and don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe!

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