Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (02.16.18)

Another week, another 10 nerdy news bites to chew on. I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day, but we all know this week is all about a Black Panther weekend. 

black panther

10. Ready Player One

Another one of my most anticipated movies this year released another look at the Oasis.

9. Black Panther Fashion Show

For all you fashion nerds, Marvel had their own Black Panther show during fashion week and we so wish we could’ve been there!

8. Science!

Progress indeed. We knew this study was going on, but it’s great to see such a positive step forward.

7. Incredibles 2

Man, 2018 is full of highly anticipated movies! I told ya!

6. A Marvelous Future

This is the future, and it is the only correct course.

5. Michael!

He’s at it again. Insert creepy music here.

4. Disnerds

For all you Disney Park loving nerds, expect some marvelous additions world wide.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Wait, a Harris/Fillion reunion can’t be all bad!


2. Everything Sucks

For all of us nerds who grew up in the 90s, this is too real. Sigh.

1. Funko

To all you collectors, it looks like we’ll have to go to a participating retailer if we want to get our collector boxes.

What are you excited for, tell me down below! Also, don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe!

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