Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (01.26.18)

Another rich week of nerdy news bites! What did you see that got your nerdy radar going? Did you catch The Alienist premiere? Did you watch Black Lightning? Let me know below!

emma stone

10. Pacific Rim Uprising

New trailer dropped. And more Boyega to love.

9. Wrinkle In Time

Let’s nerd out with Ava Duvorney as she swoons over these amazing Barbie dolls of Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Who! They are stunning!

8. Oscar Noms

Major congratulations to all the nominees, and a special woohoo to our nerdy favorites, Guillermo Del Toro, Logan, Coco, and Beauty and the Beast!

7. Ready Player One

A special video was posted that shows author, Ernest Cline’s nerdy love and respect for Steven Spielberg. Yes, it is poetic that Steven is directing a tale that is clearly influenced by his contributions to nerd culture!

6.  Sword in the Stone

I am so excited to see this live action version! This is one of my favorite Disney flicks, and one of the most underrated! 

5. Funko

Collectors and nerd lovers alike, just a reminder that Funko broke the internet with this very special Pop. Life, finds a way.

4. Infinity

A reminder that we are less than 100 days to Infinity War and Black Panther in a few weeks. Squee!

3. Captain Marvel

Brie is getting ready to be marvelous! Well, she’s already marvelous, but you know what I mean. More Brie in the news bites below.

AND our first look at Cap M suited up! Look at that smile.

2. I Kill Giants

Fans of the graphic novel, what are your initial thoughts? 

1. Halloween

Just a reminder that Jamie Lee Curtis is a badass. In case you forgot.

That was quite a week of nerdery! Comment with a bite you’re looking forward to. 

Nerd On!

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