Top Nerdy 10: News Bites (01.19.17)

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10. The Defenders

Go behind the scenes at EW’s photoshoot with the heroes.

9. Genius

National Geographic’s new show about Albert Einstein looks promising.

8. Dinosaurs

There’s a petition to bring back the 90’s show Dinosaurs!

7. Tesla

A number of rock star Apple employees are moving to Tesla. Tesla is planning to join the computer business and create some major competition. See more here.

tesla news

6. Sleight

Has this been on anyone’s radar? Sleight looks like a promising edition to the sci-fi/superhero genre.

5. Switch

Did all you gamer nerds mark your calendars? March 3rd is Nintendo Switch Day! And you can pre-order here now)

4. Hamilton

Congratulations to the new Thomas Jefferson! Aladdin’s Genie, James Monroe Iglehart, has joined the cast. See more here.

3. Beauty and the Beast

The countdown is on. Two months to go!

2. Tangled: Before Ever After

Guess who (and almost just as importantly what) is back?!

1: Pixar


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