Top Nerdy 10: Nerdy Face Masks

Greetings, Curious Crowd! While many cities are beginning to open back up for business, it’s important to remember that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Please continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask while you are out and about. Masks are not meant to protect ourselves, but rather to protect those who are most vulnerable, i.e. the elderly and immunocompromised. In short, don’t be a dick. Please, for the good of the world. Thank you for listening to this quick PSA.

Before we launch into this Top Nerdy 10, a special shout-out to our dear friends, Apollonie Corsets and Elhoffer Design. Just look at these awesome galaxy masks Roni picked up from Apollonie!

Important note: Masks sold on Etsy are not medical-grade certified.

1. Hamilton

Don’t throw away your shot to look cool and protect those around you with these masks.

top nerdy 10 hamilton masks

Photo Credits: LittleShopOfGeeks

2. Baby Yoda

Listen to The Child, we must, because sound advice, he gives.

top nerdy 10 baby yoda

Photo Credits: TheTutuPrincess760

3. Harry Potter

These magical masks can help you rep your house when you’re not actually at your house.

top nerdy 10 harry potter

Photo Credits: CutesyConcepts

4. Disney

Who says you can’t look like a princess and fight against the spread of infection?!

top nerdy 10 disney masks

Photo Credits: Aprincessandherbrush

5. Pokemon

You can catch all the fun designs without catching all the germs.

top nerdy 10 pokemon masks

Photo Credits: KimoMikalaSewing

6. Wonder Woman

These masks look so well constructed and the golden lasso ties are such a wonderful little detail.

top nerdy 10 wonder woman

Photo Credits: YeliWorks

7. Captain Marvel

You can go further, higher, faster with this mask.

top nerdy 10 captain marvel

Photo Credits: SwalienStudios

8. Studio Ghibli

Be a good neighbour like Totoro and mask up, even while you’re waiting at the Catbus station.

tope nerdy 10 ghibli masks

Photo Credits: IncorrigibleHandmade

9. Math

Know that you staying six feet away doesn’t require any calculus, just common sense.

top nerdy 10 math mask

Photo Credits: thegoodbuygirlshop

10. Horror

You have to admit that getting sick is infinitely scarier than these frightfully whimsical masks.

top nerdy 10 horror masks

Photo Credits: AsAboveArts


Remember: be safe, wash your hands, wear a mask. And as always, stay curious (at a safe distance).

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