Top Nerdy 10: Nerdtastical Music Videos Edition

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You’re getting not one, but two music-filled Top Nerdy 10s!!!

top nerdy ten music videos

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As we continue Collab Week, I’m teaming up with Jams this time to list of some of our favourite nerdy music videos! Yay! I can’t believe I finally get to do a TNT! (Non-arbitrary side-note: this TNT is a follow up to one I did last year, which you can find by clicking HERE).

1. Dear Peach – Husky Starcraft ft. Kurt Schneider

And the video has Ro in it which makes it even better!

Gah, Ro makes such an adorable Peach. The cute levels are just through the roof! It’s the nerdy version of I’m Not That Girl and On My Own (I will not apologize for my musical references)

2. Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? – The Guild

Nerds apparently get a little frisky when there is anonymity!

Hehehe, *eyebrow wiggles*

 3. Mario Kart Love Song – Sam Hart

This is one of my favorites! It’s just so sweet, and dat ‘stache!

I love the Jason Mraz feel to the song. And yes, dat ‘stache!

4. Wizard Needs Food Badly – Five Iron Frenzy

One of my all time favorite bands writes a song using one of the most famous Gauntlet lines? Uh, yeah!

I laughed my way through this one. Thanks for introducing this to me, Jams.

5. Talk Nerdy To Me – KFaceTV

Tis a classic that should be played at every nerd party ever!

Another case of parody trumps original song. Super catchy. Also Keith is my hero.

6. Hero In The Air – HelloIamDanica

Ooh I hadn’t heard this one! Tres catchy!

Isn’t she cute?! I really like the song but I like any song with a good ukulele.

7. Star Trekkin – The Firm

As much as you don’t want it, this song will now forever be stuck in your cranium… You’re welcome.

Space claymation is a lost art. There’s Klingons on the starboard bow… Dammit.

8. Geeky Love – Screen Team

The thing that makes this video the best is that the proposal was totally authentic because she had no idea he was planning it! How sweet is that?

Awww nothing like geeky love. The truest kind of love.

9. Nerdy Love Song – Strawburry17

This puts me in mind of Moldy Peaches’ Anyone Else But You for some reason, and I love it.

The costume changes! “I’ll get Tangled up with you…” *squee*

10. The Girl At The Video Game Store – Parry Gripp

Every gamer dude’s fantasy: the one chick who works at the video game store. Like unicorns, they are.

Girl crush alert! For future music video reference, casting Olivia Munn gives you automatic bonus points.

Thanks for letting me invade your personal space… errr, I mean… collaborate on your TNT happy fun time! Haha, feel free to invade my personal space anytime Jams 😉

Tune in Tuesday where I’ll be back all by myself…

‘Til next time,

Rach & Jams

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