Top Nerdy 10: Nerd HQ 2016 Edition

NERD HQ 2016!!! There were way too many memorable moments but we’ll try to narrow them down to ten. Here are just a fraction of our favourites.

1. Short People Problems

We feel you, Mark, we feel you.

2. Heel-Off

That awkward moment where Barrowman can rock heels better than you.

3. Old Man Bakula

He’s not bitter. Nope.

4. Detective Fillion

God bless The Captain and his spring cleaning auctions.

5. Don’t Look At Her! Look At Me!

Well that auction escalated quickly.

6. Cookie Time with George Lucas

Note to self: never touch George’s chocolate chip cookies.

7. Can’t Fool Chadwick

Boseman’s a pro. Nothing gets past him.

8. Whedon’s Political Plea

Cantaloupe with turrets. Burn.

9. Gregg Spills All The Secrets

What happens at the EW party… Gets shared at Nerd HQ.

10. “We Trust You”

“You all are worth something.” You keep doing you, Zac.

BONUS 1: Cosplay Goals

We can not thank Jennifer Morrison enough. And yes we got to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity but being able to say that we helped a child’s life means the absolute world to all of us.

BONUS 2: The Bored Stripper

Because we can 😉

See y’all at Nerd HQ 2017!

‘Til next time,
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