Top Nerdy 10: Lin-Manuel Miranda Appreciation

It’s been quite the year for Grammy, Pulitzer, and multiple Tony winner, Lin-Manuel Miranda. So we thought we would fangirl over honour this insanely talented musician, composer, and modern day bard with his very own Top Nerdy 10 on why we adore him.

1. His resemblance to baby Dory
top nerdy 10 lin-manuel miranda

2. His affection for the people of Puerto Rico

3. His badass way of retelling history

4. His Broadway nerdiness

5. His freestyling prowess (& obsession with mixtapes)

6. His bromance with Groffsauce

7. His advice for the next generation

8. His tenacity and ability to win over a crowd

9. His love for his family

10. His eloquence in the midst of tragedy and hope for humanity

And Lin’s greatest gift to the world, his music…

History has its eyes on him and we can’t wait what to hear the stories he will tell next.

Rise up,
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