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As many of you know, we are frequent convention goers. It may be pretty obvious by our coverage that our favorite part of nerdy cons is artist alley. We wanted to share some of our favorites! They are not listed in any particular order.

Jen’s Picks

Karen Hallion
Karen Hallion – one word. IN LOVE! Okay so that was two words. But seriously, I am in love with all of her artwork. My new fave character is her original Reverie. And if you haven’t bought her 2018 calendar featuring her original creations, Celara and Reverie, what are you waiting for? Oh that and her collab piece with Brandon Kenney: Stitch knawing on BB-8. It’s so dang adorable and one of my personal favourite pieces!


Lord Mesa
Lord Mesa – Yaaaaas. Just yaaas. BayKitty & Loki, BB-Max… ‘Nuff said really. Plus, we are a tad biased because he was kind enough to join us on an episode of Nerds ‘R Us. Lord, if you’re reading this, can you do a Stitch illo? Perhaps Stitch and Baymax trick-or-treating dressed as each other?! A girl can dream…


Alice X. Zhang
Alice X. Zhang – We stumbled across Alice’s booth at SDCC a few years back and we kept returning to buy more of her Tangled prints. Of course we can’t ignore her amazing Who masterpieces. Just gorgeous.

Roni’s Picks

Brandon Kenney
Brandon Kenney – We became acquainted with Brandon’s work through the lovely Karen Hallion, but his art truly speaks for itself. His realism is amazing, and I love their collaborations.


Boss Logic
Boss Logic – His digital artistry is epic, and it’s always exciting to see what he comes up with next. He never disappoints especially with his nerdy mashups.


Stephanie Arnwine
Stephanie Arnwine – Another lovely soul who joined us for an episode of Nerds ‘R Us (we don’t play favorites). Her portraits are so incredibly life-like, it’s as though you’re looking at photographs. Plus, she shares in our admiration of the Hiddles.

Rach’s Picks

Shane Molina
Shane Molina – We had the absolute privilege of meeting Shane at Vancouver Fan Expo last year and he is as kind and gracious as he is talented. I’m in love with my badass K2-SO print.

Brian Kesinger
Brian Kesinger – My introduction to Brian was the mashup of two of my favourite universes in the entire world: Star Wars and Calvin & Hobbes. And then recently he broke my heart (I’ve forgiven him).

Amy Mebberson
Amy Mebberson – Okay, now it’s time to full out fangirl because I’ve been a fan of Amy’s for eons. If you’re a Disnerd and are unaware of Pocket Princesses, get ready for giggles and so much adorableness.


Pocket Princesses 184: How the Force Works #pocketprincesses #pocketprincess #rogueone

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Jams’ Pick

Matthew Sylvester

Matthew Sylvester – I met Matt at VTCC a few years back and he is not only a genuinely sweet person but also an amazing horror and comic artist. He’s probably best known for his zombie portraits (such as the zombie portrait he made of the NC ladies!), as well as his art inspired by The Walking Dead (I’ve posted one of my favs).

I am somewhat of an artist myself so I truly understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication that these artists devote to their craft. I have been working on a little NC related art project that you’ll have to keep an eye out for on our Instagram!

It’s important to celebrate people who go the extra mile to express their love and nerdity for all matter of subjects. What artists do you enjoy? Let us know below, and don’t forget to like, follow, subscribe, and all that jazz. 

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