Top Nerdy 10: Disneyland Nerd Reunion 2016

Disneyland!!! And with the 60th anniversary celebrations still in full swing, our Nerd family spent this last day at the happiest place on earth! So here is my Top Nerdy 10 memories made at Disneyland.

10. First ride

For our Disneyland newbies, this was their very first ride ever at the park. Underwater on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage!

9. Date with Goofy

He was dressed to the nines and was giving hugs to everyone. Awww shucks!

disneyland date with goofy

8. Fantasy Faire Royal Theater

We were treated to a retelling of a tale old as time and spent the rest of the day exclaiming, “Huzzah!” and “Fie!” ‘Twas fun.

8. The Food

Jen has already written up an in-depth review on our foodie adventures but that fried chicken needed to be mentioned again. For posterity 😉

Mmm... Photo credits: Jen

Mmm… Photo credits: Jen

7. Indiana Jones & Hyperspace Mountain

Arguably my top two favourite rides in the park. Space Mountain: awesome. Hyperspace Mountain: out of this world. Hee, I made an intergalactic funny.

6. The Matterhorn at Night

First time I ever rode the Matterhorn after the sun went down. I highly recommend it. +100 on the fun factor.

disneyland matterhorn

Photo credits: Randar

4. Fireworks & Parade

Nobody puts on a spectacular show quite like the folks at Disney. It truly is magical.

3. Heads Up

What do big kids do when waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland? Play Heads Up! Bonus, both Chuck and Tangled showed up as answers.

Heads Up at Disneyland

How do nerds pass the time when standing in line Disneyland? Play Ellen DeGeneres' Heads Up App! That enthusiastic "ohhhh" at the end is for Tangled!

Zachary Levi #DisnerdTakeover #TangledIsbBetterThanFrozen

Vid taken by: Laura (aka Nerdfitter)

Posted by Nerdy Curiosities on Wednesday, 27 July 2016

2. Mickey’s Magical Map

We were immediately reduced to tears pretty quickly. “And at last I see the light…” *big ugly sobs*

1. Being Together

Disney is infinitely more fun because of the tribe you bring with you. I miss all of your faces.

disneyland nerds

Photo credits: Corrine

`Til next time,

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