Top Nerdy 10: Creepy Michael Myers Moments

This past weekend, the new Halloween was released in theaters and tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the original Halloween! Michael Myers is probably my favorite classic horror killer (tied closely by Freddy!) so I wanted to dedicate this TNT to the moments that Mikey creeped me out the most. (NOTE: I have not seen the new Halloween yet so these will mostly be from the original movies) Though these movies have been out for decades, I still feel the need to post a SPOILER WARNING! Here are my Top Nerdy Ten: Creepy Michael Myers Moments! Also many of these scenes contain nudity and of course violence.

Ghost Michael

After some fun in the sack, Lynda’s boyfriend decided to go get a couple beers. Little does Lynda know that Michael has already skewered him in the kitchen. Something about the way he just stands there in the doorway in his makeshift ghost costume.

Hot Tub Death Scene

This was probably the most memorable kill from Halloween 2. We can see the nurse’s boyfriend being killed silently in the background which makes it all the more unsettling when she begins stroking Michael’s hand and gently biting his fingers.

Bully Revenge

There’s just something about creepy kids. Daeg Faerch was an excellent choice by Rob Zombie to portray 10 year old Michael. In the 1978 version of the movie, we only get to see young 6 year old Michael who didn’t speak and we never saw what led him to become the masked killer. Though I was not a fan of the sequel to this movie, one thing I really appreciated about Rob Zombie’s Halloween was the look into Michael’s past. This made his eventual murder spree much more believable because we were able to see how he became the twisted, troubled child that eventually kills Judith. In the original, he’s just a really cute little kid that went psycho inexplicably. In this scene, Michael makes his first kill as a revenge kill against his bully.

Hedge Scene

That moment when you see something creepy and no one else sees it. Michael is the master of creep, especially when there are hedges for him to hide behind.

The Closet

When you feel like you have nowhere to run, instinctively you may decide to hide. But when the person chasing after you has found your hiding spot and you are trapped there, you may begin to second guess your decision to hide there. This scene traumatized me against ever hiding in a closet after I saw it.

Michael Disappears

There are so many creepy things about this scene. First we see Laurie sitting on the floor, sure that she’s finally safe. But then we see Michael slowly rise behind her. This scene still makes me tense every time I watch it. To make it even creepier, the audience is sure that Michael must be dead after Dr. Loomis has shot him and he has fallen out of a second story window. But then…

Picking Out a Costume

Halloween 4 was probably one of my favorite sequels in the series. This moment is especially creepy in which Jamie finds a clown costume very similar to the one Michael wore when he killed his sister, and then bumps into Michael as he pulls on a new mask.

Laundry Chute Scene

Michael’s typical victim is a scantily clad teenager, until he pursues young Jamie. This scene from Halloween 5 is especially tense and very creepy.

Face to Face

In Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (horrible title btw) Laurie has moved on and has a family of her own. Michael manages to track them down, and that moment when she comes face-to-face with him in the window is chilling.

Judith Myers Death Scene

The opening scene of Halloween is seen through Michael’s eyes. We see Michael watching his sister and her boyfriend; we see him pull on his mask; and we watch on as he stabs his older sister Judith. When the camera pulls out, the last thing most people would expect to see would be a cute little 6 year old kid doing such a horrible thing. And that’s why this scene earns the spot of #1 for me.

Are you scared yet? Which Michael Myers scare scene is your favorite? Let us know!
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